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I agree!@CLarsson: Great fit. They look perfect!
Thank you, and Aramis!They are Krooley-NE, size 28.That's one size down from my regular size.I like the Krooley jeans (pockets and lining), might consider getting a regular pair.
I did, but nothing atm.
Found lots of good stuff on yoox, now all I need is a discount code
@Laisnata: great fit on those 8NE!! Awesome! Thanks to Baltimore I got my first pair of Jogg Jeans. Those are really really REALLY comfy!!! I'm getting some more! (If the prices drop :-p ) Pic is a bit blurred..
Ok, Thanks! I'll give it a shot
Hi guys, I'm thinking about getting the Thin Finn Org. dry jeans, but I'm in doubt what size to get. I wear Diesel Thavar 29/30. Sometimes I can wear a 28, but sometimes those are to tight. I was thinking about getting 29/32 for the Nudies. Anyone experience with these Nudies? Thank in advance! http://www.cultizm.com/product_info.php?info=p2306_Nudie-Jeans-Thin-Finn-Org--Dry-Heavy-Selvage.html
Great you like them Baltimore! Good to do business with you. You're a trustworthy guy!
Great fits on those DBG jeans guys! Special washes, nice! Shioner 600r
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