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That's nasty!
Great fit!! Love the jacket as well!
A lot of great outfits!! Although I prefer the weather at summer time, I prefer autumn and winter when it comes to clothing. But atm there's no jeans I really want.. On the positive side: I'll save some money! 888p with Diesel sweater and jacket
For my GF: (she prefers MET jeans, but I'd like her to wear Diesel some more, so I bought here these Skinzee 819V)
Price dropped!
@Drumedge: 888p
O yeah!!! Allsaints is coming to Amsterdam. By the end of this month @Bijenkorf. And later this year @Heilige weg. The Diesel store is as well located at the Heilige weg! Translated it's the Sacred road, and with these 2 brands next to each other it's devine indeed!
For sale my Thavar 811p They are shortened from L32 to L30 with original hem. They are a bit to loose for my liking. They are never washed and in a fine condition. See pics for details. Payment by Paypal. Price is excluding shipping. Edit: price dropped from € 135,- to € 110,- Edit2: price dropped from € 110,- to € 100,-
@Laisnata: stop looking so damn awesome!
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