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For sale Diesel Tepphar 887V 29x32   Worn only a handful times.   Perfect condition.   Asking € 69,- incl. shipping within the EU. Other countries price for shipping to be discussed. Or make me an offer.   Payment by Paypal.
For sale Diesel Sleenker 824p Worn only a handful times. Never washed. Perfect condition. Asking € 85,- incl. shipping within the EU. Other countries price for shipping to be discussed. Offers are welcome. Payment by Paypal.
Hi there.   I have a 29 x 32 or sale. I wear 28 in Thavar and this one fits tight around the legs.(That's why my gf doesn't like them xD) Waist fits perfect.   If you're interested, sent me a PM. I'll make a thread in the marketplace this evening as well.
Dammit!!! I need to quit my job at the office and start working in a jeans store again!! So many awesome washes, but none I can wear at work..
Great fit and jeans Aahz! It's a great store indeed!
Thank you very much guys!! Baltimore, and I was thinking you 'stole' the 29/30, because those were sold out. I had to take L32.
Got my regular size 29. Although I can fit 28 in Thavar as well, 28 in Sleenker would be to tight! The jeans are very comfy!
I was lucky to take advantage from the mistake Cultizm made by discounting SS14 styles. Sleenker 824P
And yes, this site is legit! Very friendly people
So many great outfits! My first Tepphar (887v), bought from Kev. Thanks again! The waist size is good, but damn, these are tight!!
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