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Hi there!I appreciate your creative outfits a lot and most of them are well put together! Keep up the good work! This outfit it just a bit to much for my liking; it's like there was put to many effort in it. The same I feel about the sneakers you look for to match a certain tee. Like rcom suggested, a white shirt will suit the outfit better. Most Diesel jeans come to justice worn with just a simple tee or shirt. This is just my opinion and like I said: Keep up the good work!
For sale my Thavar 888p 29x30. They are shortened from L32 to L30 with original hem. Never washed. In a fine condition. Asking € 69,- incl. shipping within the EU. Shipping to other places is possible as well, but I'll have to look at shipping costs then. Feel free to ask me any questions. I'm open for offers.
Wow, really helpful guys!! Appreciate the effort!
Ok, thanks guys! I'll just keep them.
Hi guys,   I'm thinking about selling my Thavar 886b and Thavar 888p IF they still have a decent market price. If not, I will keep them :)   Can you guys help me with the market price for these?   Both 29x30. Both shortened from L32 with original hem. 888p never washed and 886b washed once. Both in fine condition.   Thanks in advance!
@Denim addict: Wow, just WOW!!!! 
I think they're about 10yrs old. As part of the space program. These came in some other bootcut as well (with more room on the upper leg) and used to be thick denim.
I'm also 178 and I wear L30 in Thavar and Shioner. They still stack a little bit. Just perfect.   I used to wear L32 in Zathan as well. They used to 'touch' the ground on the back of my shoes.
For sale these Thanaz 887k 30 x 30.   They are in a fine condition. Washed once. Not altered.   I am starting to get slimmer, so these are to big for my liking.   Price is € 69,- including shipping in EU. Or make me an offer.    Payment by Paypal.
Straychev, get paypal. Works great and can be used at yoox. Saves you € 5,50!
New Posts  All Forums: