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Looking good Straychev!
Wow guys, thanks for all the credits!
Looking great DA! Thanks to Clarsson Thavar 8x2
Adi-Thanaz (thanks to pryv) and an older Diesel Denim shirt. Colbert H&M.
You are right. That's why I wrote 'RAW'. The denim looks like it wasn't treatened in any way, but the stretch makes it different. Nudie has some RAW denim with stretch as well. Don't know how and if the differ a lot in fabric from that. About sizing: I think you shoudls tick to your normal Sleenker size. I had Sleenker 824p as well in size 29. Both fit the same.
Thanks guys! I think Thin Finn is more like Sleenker, since it's tight from the knees down. The fabric is soft and stretchy, but not to much stretch. I still have the feeling I'm wearing jeans, but without the stiffness. Hard to describe I also have a Grim Tim in a regular blue. Thinking about a dry denim from Nudie as well!
Thin Finn Wornin Pepper. Drykorn shirt (my new fav. shirt brand!) Bought these last year, but they didn't get much wears. Don't like the low placing of the back pockets, but after seeing Phukettes' pictures, I'm starting to wear them more often, because the wash is so great!
Sleenker 607A The color is amazing! Nice dark blue (3rd pic does justice to the color.) no distressing or fading. Just plain and clean. Size 29x32. My regular Thavar size is 28x30. 28 in Sleenker would really be to tight. I picked L32 because of these being 'RAW' and would probably shrink after washing. They stretch great and the fabric is not thin, not RAW denim thick. Just fine. Not 8x2 or 888p thick, but not as thin as 600r. Not going to keep those though. They are...
Thanks for this tip! I just ordered them. Cheaper :)Don't know if they deliver abroad, but here's the link:http://www.de-garage.com/collectie/men/jeans/13085_diesel-sleenker-607a-01_denim.html Cheers!
Hi there. I have 805 and 8x2 in size 28 and 887k in size 29. I believe in general you need to size up one for 887k compared to your reglar size. It is still thight on the upper legs though. If you size up two size, waist will become to big and saggy. Hope this helps.
New Posts  All Forums: