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Thanks for this tip! I just ordered them. Cheaper :)Don't know if they deliver abroad, but here's the link:http://www.de-garage.com/collectie/men/jeans/13085_diesel-sleenker-607a-01_denim.html Cheers!
Hi there. I have 805 and 8x2 in size 28 and 887k in size 29. I believe in general you need to size up one for 887k compared to your reglar size. It is still thight on the upper legs though. If you size up two size, waist will become to big and saggy. Hope this helps.
Lol, don't even dare to say anything like that to a woman! I think her response would be a lot less kind as Phukettes'
Awesome outfit!
Both look great! I might get these Tepphar a go as well. Did you stick to your regular Thavar size? Those Joggs look amazing as well, but I'm worried they'll gonna look sloppy.. I have a Krooley Jogg and they really look like sweat pants after a couple of wears. So I'm not able to wear them outside the house..
Hi there!I appreciate your creative outfits a lot and most of them are well put together! Keep up the good work! This outfit it just a bit to much for my liking; it's like there was put to many effort in it. The same I feel about the sneakers you look for to match a certain tee. Like rcom suggested, a white shirt will suit the outfit better. Most Diesel jeans come to justice worn with just a simple tee or shirt. This is just my opinion and like I said: Keep up the good work!
For sale my Thavar 888p 29x30. They are shortened from L32 to L30 with original hem. Never washed. In a fine condition. Asking € 69,- incl. shipping within the EU. Shipping to other places is possible as well, but I'll have to look at shipping costs then. Feel free to ask me any questions. I'm open for offers.
Wow, really helpful guys!! Appreciate the effort!
New Posts  All Forums: