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Those are Thavar 811p. Got them in my regular size (29), but they are a bit loser as normal. If you like them fitted, I'd suggest to size down.
Denim is workwear, part ||
Wow, thanks guys!! Since Denim used to be work wear, here's my 811p and Elshar jacket:
Hi there, tnx! I'm 1,78m and 63kg.
EDIT: double post. Sorry
My new 8ml, bought from Stevethanaz. My first 28. Hard to capture the real colour.
^^Looks really Great!! That is a really nice shirt an matches perfect with the 888p's.
ThThis is really cool! Those colors work very well together.And Daaan...
^^Superb boots!! They really stand out! But I can imagine that's their downside as well.. They might be "to much". If you keep the rest of your outfit not to fancy, they're real nice eye catchers!
Finally a bit better weather here in The Nethelands so time to undust those 888p's!
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