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Some new washes available at Diesel online store.
Wow! I'm really happy to see they fit you perfect!
Well, mine are 30/32 and in a fine condition. I barely wore/ wear them, so if you like, you can buy mine..
Thanks for sharing! Grey Belther 818v and the Thavar jogg jeans are on my list! If these Tepphar 602s doesn't have that strange purple spot on the knee, then those are on my list as well!
To determine the wash you are looking for; this is my 8N4.
Nice jeans DA! I'll keep them in mind! My recent purchases: Diesel Sonora Shirt Diesel Thavar 8880m Bikkembergs shoes (they come with white lacings as well, really great for a summer-ish look!) Quick fit pics:
Same here!@Leftvapor I'd say: get 30.
Great decision DC!I tended to keep my 887k's as jeans to wear when I had slightly formal meetings. But they really look great/ come to their full right when they're brought out in the sun light!! I like them more and more..
Nothing special: 801c and 887k
Bikkembergs. Normally not my type of brand, but I "needed" some casual shoes for summer. They are dark blue and my GF loves them, so I hád to buy them
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