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Great fit on those 8x2 Levis!! The colour of the knitwear matches great. I think wearing a white shirt underneath it, would be better. Thavar 880G Chrom hi Diesel jacket Diesel shirt Junk de Luxe knitwear
Great buy Arschloch! I like the plain look! Little bit jealous since I recently bought a new one for probably waaay more:
Bought 2 Diesel jeans from Baltimore, and those were real. I trust him.
Voted! Those 880w's on Karacho and Aahz look really great!
That's a sweet pic! Great style both!
I've got exact the same question! I wear 29/30 in Thavar/ Thanaz and I've got my eyes on a Nudie Tight Long John. What size to get? I'm looking for an blue jeans which is ok for every situation. I came across these Nudies with the perfect name and color: http://shop.nudiejeans.com/en/product/2367/org-everyday-worn
Same here!
I'd choose 811p as well. Anyone knows where to get the Thavar 811p size 29/30 in Europe?
Got the Chrom Hi Ebony (SS13) Hard to capture the color. It's like 2 tones of black, and 1 of them seems dark blue. Really like them.
Main shopping street is Kalverstraat. When walking from Kalverstraat to Leidscheplein, you'll come across the Diesel store (Heilige weg / Holy road). But Kalverstaat ain't the best place to go. Preferably you check out: http://www.theninestreets.com/
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