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Same here!@Leftvapor I'd say: get 30.
Great decision DC!I tended to keep my 887k's as jeans to wear when I had slightly formal meetings. But they really look great/ come to their full right when they're brought out in the sun light!! I like them more and more..
Nothing special: 801c and 887k
Bikkembergs. Normally not my type of brand, but I "needed" some casual shoes for summer. They are dark blue and my GF loves them, so I hád to buy them
Zdenal, may I thank you!! Just bought the Thavar 8880m with 30% off!! (I live in the Netherlands, so the code does work here)
HaLooking good!! I wish I had some jeans twice, that would be an awesome collection of shorts! Now I only shorten those, which I don't like anymore..Those 811p's look great as well!
Those are Thavar 811p. Got them in my regular size (29), but they are a bit loser as normal. If you like them fitted, I'd suggest to size down.
Denim is workwear, part ||
Wow, thanks guys!! Since Denim used to be work wear, here's my 811p and Elshar jacket:
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