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For sale these Thavar 669F 28x30. Worn twice. I also have a Sleenker in the same colour so I don't wear this Thavar.   They haven't been washed and are in great condition. Like new.   Price € 100,- € 75,-   Price is including shipping within EU. Price worldwide depends on shipping costs.   Payment by Paypal.   If you have any questions, let me know
Sleenker 666J dressed up. Hopefuly I'll have some more time this weekend to make more and better pics
Amsterdam has at least 2 men Denham stores (collection and denimbar). Both very close to each other. In the 9 straatjes (the nine Streets): http://www.de9straatjes.amsterdam/nl/winkels Runstraat 18 is where the denimbar (no drinks, just jeans) is located. The other store is almost next to it. De 9 straatjes have a lot of great stores. All Saints and Diesel store are almost next to each other in the Heilige weg (between Kalverstraat and Leidschestraat.) Both like a 10...
Thanks for the heads up guys! I will make some more pics tomorrow and add them in the first post.   Good idea for changing the topic title :)
Hi there,   Just a quick note on the Sleenker 668L and 666J.   These are very comfortable due the stretch. The 668L has a special stretch, that should guarantee the fit of the model. It should reset in their original shape. No experience with that till now, since I haven’t wore them yet.   On the left side of the picture you see Thanaz 887K, middle is Sleenker 668L and to the right Seenker 666J. I added the 887K, since the color tones of 668L reminded me of 887K....
Haha.. Yeah I will Larsson! These are still one of my favourites!
Sleenker 666J and 668L arrived! I'll post (fit) pics this week. Both are very nice washes. Sized up one from my regular Thavar size. (From 28 to 29) I am skinny, but 28 in Sleenker is way to tight! I can hardly close the button and those legs.. Auch..
Now, that looks amazing! I really like that 'clean' look.
Looking good! No need to size up. Long legs do look good with Sleenker.
Sweet buys! I'll add both to my wish list!
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