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Yeah, Great fit!8x2 and the rest is Diesel as well (except the boots)(Don't mind the mess.. Not my house )
^^ you're right!
Good to see they're not giving Sleenker all the sweet washes and still give some Love for Thavar.   All those Thavar washes look really great.   I was a little bit worried since SS15 Thavar washes aren't that great imo.   Now I have to save for at least 4 pairs! <3
Thank you for the head's up!   He also sent me a PM explaining things.   No trust is harmed.
Hi guys. Has anyone heard from Giamatshop recently? I've paid three weeks ago for a pair of jeans and no proper reply since..
For sale these Thavar 608T 28x30.   Price is including shipping within the EU. Outside EU price depends on country.   I have worn them only twice. They are still like new. Never washed.   Payment by Paypal.
Looking good Straychev!
Wow guys, thanks for all the credits!
Looking great DA! Thanks to Clarsson Thavar 8x2
Adi-Thanaz (thanks to pryv) and an older Diesel Denim shirt. Colbert H&M.
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