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hey guys .. I remember last year Diesel has a Chi-Tight-B pants in its collection similar to this one here in the pics but the old one has a dirty white fade on both thighs .. if any one remember that I would love to know how to get one. Is there a specific wash code or something? cos I dont know how to search for it ?    
absolutely awesome man. Looking even better than website pics
Fresh3 ... LOVING the phunky shoes (:
thank you Raj (: the 801N is amazing. I tried them on Krooley but its not my cut. I think they are expensive because the color contrast and mix is harder to pull off more than the other washes. Beside the material is good. I would really like to get the in viker-r-box. About the 803S they looks amazing. Loving the little details but unfortunately Darron doesnt look good on me ( too baggy ) is that wash available in another cut ??
Hey Raj .. good choices .. viker r box is a good cut on me and I think 801N is a really nice wash If u own a pair please post some fitting pic I like the 803S wash but the pic u post wasnt clear. Can I see another shot for the jeans Is this wash available in another cut ?
I see .. well Phukette, Im surprise of the amount of info u manage to get about online stores (: this collection has a lot of good dark washes but til now I didnt find an interesting light wash. I know its winter collection and all but they should consider different tastes. I think I'll try to find some of the old light washes that i missed.
Phukette, I know what u mean about having different colors for the same wash code but at least the 801 D is available in all colors in diesel website unlike this mystery dark 802K lol
Im confused . They look great and all but there is no sign of this on diesel's website. when the color is different isnt that suppose to count like a different wash like in thanaz 660Q and 660S ?
the thavar 802K looks great. but I dont know if the material will be nice too any ideas Aramis ?
is that a Diesel denim shirt in the 3rd pic ? looks awesome
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