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Thank you to those of you who took the time to comment so far. I am still trying to get used to this site and trying to figure out how to better create posts and where to created and post pictures.
I guess posting pictures was a stupid idea. No comments at all . Ahhhh well Thanks Anyway.
This is my first time posting pictures so I would really like it hear some feedback. i have a good amount of other pairs to post but decided i would start with these 3 pairs. I really hope all of you will take the time to post some comments. Thanks
7 For All Mankind Straight    
7 For all Mankind Bootcut    
J Brand Sraight Leg    
Hi Everyone. I have been a member for a few months now and finally decided to add some pictures for everyone to see. Please check them out and try to leave me some feedback here.  For such a long time i have had the hardest time finding good fitting jeans. After many discussion and advice from other denim lovers and bloggers, i was suggested to go with a more fitted tighter fit. I am still in the getting use to wearing them phase so please be easy on me. Thanks a bunch...
    Ok, I am finally going to try this and post some pictures and hopefully all of you will be nice enough to give your feedback. I am taller and very skiiny so I have a hell of time fiinding the right jeans. I used to be all the about the relaxed fit but it always seemed like even relaxed made me look like i was swimming in my jeans. After many discussion and avice, I decided to rig of all relaxed jeans and go for a more fitted and even tight look. I understand...
Jeanetic   .Didnt meant to get defensive or for it to sound like i was. I am sorry if it sounded like i was. In ference to past blog site, I have seem a lot of the other people making masty comments and it gets a bit old. These comments were not directed towards me but other people. I would much rather read about constructive comments but I am able to joke and have fun at the same time. So no worries there. I am glad to hear that this site is made oup of such a close...
Thanks for the welcome Jennifer!!! I am excited to be a new member of this site.
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