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Thanks man!
@Aahz ,I'd keep the first one.It looks really good on you and it's a nice jacket.I wouldn't keep the second one though,it's not my type.On a second second note,what shoes are those?They're really nice.   @freeradical82  Great fit!
Great outfits Gpoop and Februarean!
@Lon1: Sleenker are the most tapered around the ankles.
Happy new year guys!
Haha,you've got a really cute baby,as for your outfit,amazing as usual!   Levislad,love the knit!Great outfit overall.
Hello,if you don't know how to upload the picture here,you can still post the link from yoox.
Looks good!
@Denim Collector  That's one of the best fits I've seen on sleenker and I love the background! What boots are those,they're really nice?   P.S. I'd keep them if I were you.
New Posts  All Forums: