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Hello,if you don't know how to upload the picture here,you can still post the link from yoox.
Looks good!
@Denim Collector  That's one of the best fits I've seen on sleenker and I love the background! What boots are those,they're really nice?   P.S. I'd keep them if I were you.
Great fit!
Thank a lot for your feedback guys.Guess I'll have to try my luck,since I didn't find the jacket in any retail store.
Looking great guys! Diesel Tepphar 802C Diesel jacket D&G boots + got my old haircut back    
Hey guys,I need your help.I'm planning on buying a g-star leather jacket but I don't know what size to get.I usually wear size S for diesel jackets and tshirts and size M for shirts.If anyone owns any Gstar leather jackets,please post some info regarding the sizing.Thanks in advance!
I hardly use ebay,but I see why people would get upset over this.I mean,they have to implement a better filtering system for the results,otherwise,there's little to no chance to find the product you're looking for.
You won't have to,trust me.After a few wears,they'll stretch one size for sure. :)
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