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You should try Thavar/Thanaz/Shioner or maybe even Tepphar and Sleenker.
Really nice Levislad.What jeans are those?
I'm a tepphar guy so I'd probably keep the tepphar.On a second note,please post some larger picutres,I can't really tell how each cut looks on you since the pictures are so small.
I too own this pair,it's one of my favourite Diesel wash.I hope you sized down on these bad boys because they stretch out a LOT.Please post some fit pics.
Great fit Zdenal!
Levislad,sleenker is your cut.
Welcome!I'm looking forward to see some of the pictures you took.
I know,my message was for the OP. :)
Please make a marketplace thread next time you're looking to sell or buy a product.Thanks!
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