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Wow,everyone looks great!
Yes,they're spammers.Please,whenever you see one of these threads,press the report button so I can delete it asap.
I think your only chance of getting your money back was through paypal since the seller won't openly admitt that they're fakes. :(
Great outfits everyone!   @gloriouscafe : I've been meaning to ask you for a long time,but somehow I always forgot to.Is that a horimatsu tattoo?
Keep them loakimakos.They look really good on you! @leftvapor,great outfits as usual.
Great purchases mate!waiting for fit pics
It really comes down to the wash,but you should probably go with w30.
Don't delete the photos you've taken of pair you sold.He probably owns a fake pair of the same wash and he'll try to send you his pair instead of yours.
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