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I wash mine after a couple of wears,and they look ok to me.Of course the colour will fade eventually,but I don't really care:D   P.S. I usually wash mine at 30 degrees.
I wore them a couple of times and they didn't really stretch out much.
You should check the basic t-shirts from G-star and Jack&Jones,the quality is pretty good considering the prices.
Amazing fit,Ramirez.I bought them a while ago and I love them.
Everything Diesel(except the sneakers)   .
I agree they are overpriced.Why pay 300 euros for a pair of Diesel jeans when you can get a Saint Laurent one for that kind of money?
Looking really good man.
You should definitely size down,but I think a slimmer cut will look better on you(thavar,thanaz,tepphar,krooley,shioner).
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