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I agree,both fit and wash are great.You should definitely get them.
Great outfit Karacho!
Great purchases everyone!
@Dieselolic :Thanks,your outfit is awesome as usual!   @Detour : Awesome!haha 
My profile picture is pretty old,I decided a while ago to get a shorter haircut.Great oufits,by the way.I'm a tepphar guy myself,so I naturally like the second one better :)
If the store accepts returns,you could just return them if they're not 813W.
I think so,but my pair has the fade effect only on the knee area.
 I got them a while ago,so I can't recall exactly,but I think they're Mill boots.Here's the link : http://www.amazon.com/Diesel-MIL-Mens-Mil-Boot/dp/B007WQT01U
Great fit artemalimov!
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