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I personally like the stacking,and I usually get my tepphars in x32,even though I'm 1.80 m/5.9".
Lasinata,perfect fit and nice shoes too.Great fit Aramais!I had a similar jacket from Energie.
Great purchase Aramis!
I can't tell for sure,but I think should size down.Stacking wise,they look good!
Hey guys,I'm Paul,21 from Romania.I'm the new mod(thanks to Jennifer and Dave) and I want to thank you for giving me the chance to improve this community.My love for jeans started  five years ago when I bought my first pair of designer jeans.My jeans collection grew exponentially over the last few years and I own various different jeans such as DSq,Diesel(mostly),Costume National,Just Cavalli etc.Despite my low number of posts,I've been lurking the boards since 2011/2012...
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The sole looks and feels pretty solid.Maybe you should wait for other opinion regarding the purchase, I may be biased since I own one of the pairs.   P.S. If you wear the same pair of boots everyday for a long period of time, it will most likely wear faster.I would recommend you get at least two pairs,this way, they will last longer.
You should go with chrom hi.I have them on brown and I really like them.
I agree,they are very comfortable despite being very tight on the thighs.
Nice outfit Leftvapor!
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