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Hello,they most likely sell fakes.
Dsalvatore :Those jeans are boss and they fit great on you.I did put my eyes on a pair of Dsquared jeans from this season and I'll probably get them in the next few days.
Great fit!What size did you get?
I wouldn't recommend you buying anything from them.It looks supscious,to say the least and I couldn't find any reviews regarding their merchandise.
Audit,perfect fit on both jeans!
Too bad we don't get this kind of discounts on the European stores.
Hi Shopaholism,you have to mentiont the product's condition in the listing's title as well.It is stated in the Marketplace rules.As a mod,I should've PMed you first and ask you to modify the title,but the problem is that most members do not reply to my PMs withing 48 hours,therefore I am forced to delete their listings.I though it would be best if I edited the listing myself,instead of PM you.Cheers!
Great outfit Zdrenal.
Guys,english only,please.Please use PM if you want to discuss further in french. 
Thanks for posting,Aramis.
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