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I ordered them last night,they haven't shipped them yet.I'll post fit pics as soon as I recieve them :D
Just pulled the trigger on the sleenker 886z.I got them for 102 euros with a 25% off discount on asos).
Great review and fit.Where did you buy them from?
Great review,awesome fit and wash! I like the first fit better.
@kynhonglongbong : Great outfit man!   @Phukette : Amazing fit on the 813W!
Thavar an Thanaz are classified as skinny on the diesel store, but they're not leggings skinny.As for tepphar, they're carrot fit.You can also try Krooley,they're also carrot fit.It really comes down your body proportions, and I wouldn't be able to tell you which one would fits you best, unless I would see some fit pics beforehand.For instance, I also have thick thigs and I'm a tepphar guy myself :) Here's some fit pics with each fit...
Hello and welcome to Denimblog.For starters,I recommend you to post some fit pics with the different cuts you own/tried at the diesel store, so we can help you decide which one looks better on you. Imho, you should try thavar,thanaz and tepphar.
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