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Good,I'm a tepphar guy myself.Btw,the fit is amazing.
@ El-nino : Did you size up from your regular tepphar size?
Everyone's looking great! @toulouz I too have the exact same scarf :)
@dutchtt : Great fit!   @Levislad : They look great on you and I also love the jumper.I'm getting the sleenker 886Z on the first sale.
Great fit Xisco!Did you size down from your tepphar size?
Didn't work for me.Everytime I try to apply it to my order,I get the following error : "The discount code "20FORU" is not active"
Thanks!Did you size down from your regular size in order to get a skinnier fit?
Can you please post the link for the shioners?I only seem to find the bootcut ones on Asos.Thanks in advance! 
Wow man,they fit great on you,and I mean it.Thanks for reviewing them,I'm probably going to get both.Hopefully,they'll fit on me as good as they fit on you :)
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