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I agree.I might as well get a Dior homme/Dsquared pair for that kind of money.
@freeradical82 :Love the boots man!   @dslfan / @tricky :Great fit and welcome to Denimblog!
Yes,I noticed that too.For instance, I wear size 32 in older tepphar washes,and size 30 in newer washes.I think sleenker is the new tepphar, but I haven't tried them to see how they fit compared to tepphar.
Amazing fit and great review! 
Great outfits guys!   @karacho What brand is your shirt?I really like it.
@zdenal_cz Great!My brother also bought the black one.   @Anakim Welcome to the forum!
6PM 10% off discount code
Thanks.They fit true to size.I wear size 9 in all my diesel shoes.
Imho,I think it works fall/winter and spring.Initially, I wanted to wear my parka jacket last night when I went out,but both I and my brother have two exact same parka jackets and I didn't want to look like his douppleganger, therefore, I decided to wear this jacket instead(it was very cold,there were 0 degrees C) and surprisingly, I didn't feel cold with this jacket.Very warm jacket,it's padded on the inside,not sure what is inside the padding though.
New Posts  All Forums: