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Imho,I think it works fall/winter and spring.Initially, I wanted to wear my parka jacket last night when I went out,but both I and my brother have two exact same parka jackets and I didn't want to look like his douppleganger, therefore, I decided to wear this jacket instead(it was very cold,there were 0 degrees C) and surprisingly, I didn't feel cold with this jacket.Very warm jacket,it's padded on the inside,not sure what is inside the padding though.
 I got mine from yoox.It's true to size,I wear size S in diesel,except shirts(I'm 1.80m).The quaity is good,maybe the material is a little stiff,but it will soften over time(I know this because I have a diesel parka jacket that is made out of the same material).Hope this helps and if you have any other questions,I'll gladly help you out.
Thanks guys.The boots are Diesel themill boots.   http://www.zappos.com/diesel-miliboot-pataboot-the-pit-coffee-bean
+1.Looking really good zdenal. @m3linj: Great Fit! Today I wore my diesel jacket,tepphars,diesel boots :                        
Great outfits everyone!
Flip,your links don't work.
Good,I'm a tepphar guy myself.Btw,the fit is amazing.
@ El-nino : Did you size up from your regular tepphar size?
Everyone's looking great! @toulouz I too have the exact same scarf :)
@dutchtt : Great fit!   @Levislad : They look great on you and I also love the jumper.I'm getting the sleenker 886Z on the first sale.
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