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Everything's Diesel.   S-Abba Shirt Umtee-Michael T-shirt Sleenker 886Z      
Stunning outift!
+1 @jeanatic Man,those sleenkers look really good on you.
Very nice fit on those Diors.
What wash is this?   http://www.yoox.com/ro/42401768AU/item?dept=#cod10=42401768AU&sizeId=2
Nice outfit,love the SL jeans and boots.
Ask them via facebook to issue you a refund for the shipping costs.They'll ask you to scan/take a photo of the shipping receipt and you'll get your shipping costs refunded as it was their fault.I know this because they sent me the wrong size a couple of times and they always refunded me the return shipping costs.
I would also suggest you try tepphar.
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