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I usually get the smallest size avalable for Tepphar(W27) and W28 for sleenker.I'm 1.80 and 69 kg.
They're from the current season,as for the fit,they are pretty much the same.I didn't really notice any difference compared to the distressed pair and they are really similiar to sleenker in terms of fit,that's why I got my usualy sleenker size. I'll post some fit pics soon,but I'd rather do it when I get my hands on the boots. 
I'll post some fit pics soon.I'm a size 28 in Diesel and I got the same size in SLP and they fit exactly the same as sleenker.This is actually my second SLP pair.I also have the mid waisted skinny jeans,which is basically identical to this one,except they aren't distressed/destroyed.I'm planning on getting some boots and shirts too soon.   I ordered them directly from SLP,since LVR didn't have my size in stock.
Just got these babies.          
Anyone know this wash? http://www.yoox.com/ro/42470391WC/item#dept=men&sts=sr_men80&cod10=42470391WC&sizeId=
@Levislad They're sleenker 607A.
Everything is Diesel.Sorry for the shitty quality.    
@Dieselicious I bought it a few months ago on the diesel online store while it was on sale,but it's sold out now.   @Phukette Thanks man!
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