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IMHO,It looks good, even though the sleeves may be slighty longer than your arm lenght. I have the same problem with some of my Diesel jackets, but as long as I don't look like this,I don't mind it :D 
Wow,everyone looks great!
Yes,they're spammers.Please,whenever you see one of these threads,press the report button so I can delete it asap.
I think your only chance of getting your money back was through paypal since the seller won't openly admitt that they're fakes. :(
Great outfits everyone!   @gloriouscafe : I've been meaning to ask you for a long time,but somehow I always forgot to.Is that a horimatsu tattoo?
Keep them loakimakos.They look really good on you! @leftvapor,great outfits as usual.
Great purchases mate!waiting for fit pics
It really comes down to the wash,but you should probably go with w30.
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