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Thanks for all your help guys ill get them in 29.
Hey, I was just wondering if anyone knew how the Thavar 806u from SS2013 fits compared to other thavars? I'm usually a 30 in Shioner and Thanaz and was going to purchase this from Utter Nutter but read a post about someone saying that the 806u fit big on them so now I'm torn between getting the 29 and 30. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
They're really nice man I'd say keep them. Where are they made? Do you think the denim is thick or thin? How comfy are they? How much did you pay?   Thanks!
Very nice.
Post those fit pics yet?!
Thanks dude!
Thanks guys. Rizzrice looking forward to those pics! Any possible way you'd be able to have those fit pictures before Wednesday this week? Only asking because my girlfriend is going to Toronto (one of the only two places in Canada that have a Diesel Store) for a gymnastics tournament and I'll ask her to grab me one of these pairs while she's there but I am unsure of what they look like in person so not sure which one I should get :(.   Thanks!
Anyone purchased these jeans yet? I've heard that the 660q is a little tight and have found conflicting information about the 660s as to where they're made/fabric. Which of the two jeans do you guys like better? Thanks!
Hey guys, just thought I would ask some seasoned Diesel veterans for style advice. What are the nicest shirts/polos/jeans/henleys anything you can think of from Diesel that you would recommend. I'm trying to update my wardrobe and would very much appreciate any suggestions. My diesel collection is just starting at the moment and mainly consists of shioner 74y, thanaz 887k, iakop 880g and a safado or two as well as a lion 00rne leather jacket. Thanks guys!
Thanks Phukette, I'm returning them today and getting a size 30.
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