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  That's the point! :D
  That's because Diesel doesn't run the online store directly. It's part of yoox group.
There is a photo?
In Milan there are certain Diesel Store, Diesel Flagship Store and i think also the outlet.....Sorry but i don't live there, so i don't know!
Some new Tepphar?
  Ebay, an italian seller ;) I just want to know if they are like 881W or 887V because they have no elastan!   I have 881W and it's my favourite pair, so if 68z is not as 881W i don't know if i want them!
  So am i! You can check Lyle & Scott, Ralph Lauren, Ben Sherman, Siviglia and why not also Diesel!
I'm about to get Tepphar 68z.... Some of you guys can post fit images of the jeans?   Thanks.
  Until 13 January, and only on your Dream Box articles you have 15% off and free shipping.....Enjoy! 
  Hahahaahahaha sorry  Anyway, these jeans are from past seasons, so at least a discount would be really nice!
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