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 If you look at the image, the description of the jeans says Reboot-Thavar-ne!
http://store.diesel.com/it/giacca_cod41394667jt.html   1000€? WTF!   By the way, Reboot-Thavar are Jogg-Jeans!
 Sure, no problem. Do you know italian? 
I'm not a fan of thavar, damn i think those was tepphar!   Can someone put here the link of that t-shirt?
Thanks!Damn, there was on yoox few months ago!  HR really sucks!
Wait!From my experience, Diesel Black Gold is loose! You should take a XS if there's!
Hi guys!   This march i'm going to graduate in Economics here in Italy!   I would like to do a degree thesis on Diesel, in particularly history of the brand, and why not also Renzo's.   I already contacted Diesel via website to have the information i need, but they are slow!   So, someone of you guys, know some books, newspapers, articols on the internet where i can find some info? I prefer if it's in english, but it's all good!   Thanks in advance for the...
Last week i was in Milan and i visited the flagship store in San Babila. Some salesmans told me that the new collection will be available at the end of october!
Hi, first post in this thread!   Couple of outfits from this week.   Zara t-shirt Diesel tepphar 881w bikkembergs belt Diesel "nostalgia" sneakers           Diesel t-shirt Tepphar 68z bikkembergs belt Diesel "nostalgia" sneakers         Let me know what you guys think!
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