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It's all here! If you can, go check them in store, they're completely different from photos online! I can't take photo because i was running late, but believe me it's one of the best washes of the season, at least, imho!
 Saw these friday, they're amazing!The price in store was "only" 300 €.
Guys, someone can confirm that spring/summer collection is in store or it's only online? Because thursday i'm going to visit a Diesel store, and i want to check some jeans!   P.S. I can do some photos if you like!
 If you look at the image, the description of the jeans says Reboot-Thavar-ne!
http://store.diesel.com/it/giacca_cod41394667jt.html   1000€? WTF!   By the way, Reboot-Thavar are Jogg-Jeans!
 Sure, no problem. Do you know italian? 
I'm not a fan of thavar, damn i think those was tepphar!   Can someone put here the link of that t-shirt?
Thanks!Damn, there was on yoox few months ago!  HR really sucks!
Wait!From my experience, Diesel Black Gold is loose! You should take a XS if there's!
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