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Diesel online store, -30% & -50%. You need to add something on your basket.  The offer applies to selected items from the Fall/Winter Collection.
http://www.yoox.com/it/42313607EV/item?dept=mnstrtwr#sts=sr_mnstrtwr80&cod10=42313607EV&sizeId=   Someone knows this wash? And there are other styles, besides Safado, that has this wash?   Thanks.
 Diesel jeans that are made in italy are the same as Dsquared's, in terms of quality. That's because they're part of the same group!
What does that mean?What are the differences between a 98%- 2% elastane pair?
 100% cotton?Blue eyecon jeans are 100% cotton or another combination?
For me, seeing the photos, it's really a great wash! I will tell more about when, next week or so, i'm going to Milan.   Only one thing, it may be difficult to find something to match with them.   But maybe it's just me, since this it's your first outfit that i don't like!
Yes. I mean, here in Italy that's the price. And i agree on the fact that you have to see the jeans in person to understand why it's so expensive.
 In store is 300.
Wash is awesome!
 They are black, tending to grey.Strange material, in a good way! I really have some problems describing the jeans, because you have to touch it to undestand how they are!
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