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Can you tell me the brand and model of the parka?Thanks
It's Tepphar 604b.
I don't know, but the promotion is also valid for Diesel stores, so it should be for GB as well.
  Do you need a translation?
Instead of Asos jeans, try Cheap Monday, i think they're better from those! They are very comfy and the price is similar! As sizes, they are very similar, at least for me. I have w31 in both brands. Hope this help!
Because the europeran site is run by yoox, but from this year, Diesel and yoox haven't agreed to renewed the partnership from the us store and changed those who runs it!For the free shipping it's not true! My apologies for my english! Hope you can understand.
No, i don't think so.Luisaviaroma is a luxury e-shop, like thecorner.com, so it's not possible for them to reduce their price up to 70%, imho!
Hard to say, try Superga.
Can you post a pic of the item from the second link?Seems it doesn't work!
Searching for a pair of Tepphar 602s at good price. Someone know a online store where i can find them?   Another question, i'm searching for a pair of diesel raw jeans like 8y9 in skinny cuts like tepphar, thavar or shioner, but they must have elastan; i want to make "my own Diesel" wash! 
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