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Perfect - Nice one guys.    These are the jeans if anybody is interested:   http://www.dsquared2.com/gb/jeans_cod42231367qd.html   Thanks J
Hey jeanetic, thanks for the response. I am not sure that they are Dolce though, D&G usually have that oversized plaque thing on the back pocket. These jeans seem more subtle and understated. You could be right though, perhaps a different range. 
Hi all,   Anybody know what brand of jeans these are? Looks like some kind of white/metallic label on the back pocket but I can’t really find anything else that distinguishes them.    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2130931/Robin-van-Persie-visits-Barcelona-team-hotel.html   Any ideas? J  
I am from North London, living in Amsterdam, feel free to introduce yourselves.   J
New Posts  All Forums: