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I see that YOOX has "work a day" in several sizes.  The fit pics on the website are crappy, (big shocker with yoox) but anyone who has this pair knows this is a nice wash.  At $268, that's a pretty good deal.
I believe they are called "Come as you are" from the SS09 collection
I have the same pair and they look exactly like mine, good to go
I will not scam you fromfrance, just give me the information. How is it you have time to post on here, contact a friend to locate the package and all that but dont have time to just give me the tracking? Dont you have to give your friend the tracking info to locate it for you? It doesnt make any sense that you wont tell me what it is. As far as email goes, I have my pm's linked to my email, I thought you did too. You need to give your email address. - I told you I will...
He said he would ship it out monday and provide tracking, didnt happen. Next day he said he forgot and would give it when he got home, didnt happen. This is the third day and he doesnt respond until now, posting about what is going on but not giving me any info. So today I contacted paypal and told them about it. The person I spoke with from paypal recommended to do this and said they will release the payment until he proves he shipped the jeans. May I have overreacted...
First of all, I have a demanding job too. But I still check my fuckin email ONCE in a while. Second of all, when you tell someone you will send them tracking info and then "forget" and then take the time to say you forgot but don't take the time to actually do it, it makes you sound shady. I understand sometimes people forget to do things but how hard is it to just follow through? Maybe its because the last time I've been ripped off, this is exactly how it started. I...
Thanks, I still like your WAD better, seems to have more detail than mine. I've been looking for FTF for awhile now but finally gave up so got these instead. They definitely look different when being worn so I will try to post some fit pics later
               Oil drop                                                                                   Workaday                                                                                                                             Lifebrush                                                                                                                                  
I got mine yesterday from LVR and my pair doesn't look like it has as much dirty detail as yours does.  Mine definitely looks more plain.  I wonder if I got a bad pair or something but I already ripped the tag off.  BTW, also got Lifebrush and Oildrop.  Oildrop isn't denim, more like a coated chino, it's not too bad.  I've never seen any real pics of Lifebrush but I was pleasantly surprised with the wash.  It's very similar to Fuel to the Fire, just the darker area is...
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