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Acne Max Raw Mastai Ferreti shirt AllSaints Tonic Crew AllSaints Richmond Coat Diesel Hurrikane Sneakers
Love the Narrot, Wutzwagg!
Rogue Territory Raw Jeans AllSaints LS Shirt Schott Flannel Shirt Allen Edmonds Long Branch Boots
My second pair has zippers.   I won't be able to check for a couple of days, but I'm pretty sure that they're built the same. I did try them on to make sure everything was right before I filed them away.
I find them extremely comfortable. I've had diesel shoes that really did have paper thin soles, but these have plenty of cushion for me. They've also proven very durable too - the soles have hardly worn. And the finish of the uppers is such that the develop an ongoing patina as you wear them. I've got a second pair sitting around for whenever these do wear out.
Hey thanks! Denim Collector, I've had them for a year now. I wear them most of the time, and take them traveling, but I'm not hard on them at all. Still they're breaking in wonderfully. Here are some crappy pictures: Dieselicious, the boots are black with brown soles. No zipper.
Rogue Territory Raw Jeans AllSaints Bloomsbury Jacket Schott NYC Flannel Shirt Diesel Basket Butch Boots
I agree. The shoulders are the first priority for fit and you look great as far as I can see.   I have several AllSaints jackets that all fit properly all over, but almost feel like a wetsuit when zipped all the way up. Thing is, they always look better open, or 1/3 zipped, anyway so I don't sweat it.   If you want to layer for warmth, get some trim cut merino or cashmere sweaters.
Braddom 887D Nudie Raw Lined Perry Jacket Diesel Tee Vintage Shoe Co Bluff Boots  
Thanks guys! :D
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