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Thanaz 71J AllSaints Brading Jacket Diesel Basket Butch Boots  
Wow those are nice. I take it you got your regular size....
Thanks for the feedback.   Thanaz 887K Guya Shirt Ted Baker Blazer Allen Edmonds Boots  
Honestly, if this is your first biker jacket, I would suggest black... simply because a black biker is classic and iconic. You just can't go wrong, no matter what.   Second choice would be oxblood. It's also a classic color, but will definitely set you apart from the crowd.   Here's an example of oxblood. With the dark tone, it can go just as well with black: http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/64112/what-diesel-are-you-wearing-today/27025#post_1793633   My final choice...
Shioner 801A James Perse Blazer Scotch & Soda Shirt Diesel Mil Boots  
Thavar 886B AllSaints Tami Jacket Diesel Canopy-RS Henley Diesel Mil Boots  
 Super nice outfit there!
Actually, I find oxblood to be pretty darned versatile. It pairs well with both black and brown leathers, and oozes a bit more class.
Thanaz 804M AllSaints Brading Jacket AllSaints Tonic Scoop Diesel Mil Boots  
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