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Thanaz 74K  Ted Baker Blazer  Allen Edmonds Dalton Boots  AllSaints Tote   
Thanks guys!   Here I've got my very first Joggs (actually I've had an Elshar jogg jacket for quite a while, but these are my first jeans)   Narrot 600V HE by Mango Shirt Basket Butch Boots     Holy cow these are great! So comfy and great fitting. Every time I put them on I feel like doing the 'Chicken Noodle Soup'.   Seriously, I've been biking around and doing everything in them.
Diesel Ensor Shorts Diesel Strombol Shirt Diesel Juzicon Jacket Allen Edmonds Naples Loafers  
 They've got a bunch of sizes here (these people are perfectly legit): http://www.6pm.com/diesel-krooley-tapered-811p-denim
Thavar 8X2 James Perse Blazer Allsaints Tonic Crew Allen Edmonds Loafers  
Thanks guys! Phukette, well spotted , I dropped about three quarter stone over the past two weeks. Just set the intention.
Shioner-P Trousers Ted Baker Blazer Polo Chambray Shirt AllSaints Linen V-Neck Allen Edmonds Loafers  
Perfect combo
Get your normal Thavar size and it will be perfectly fitted, not too tight.
That's a great blazer, Phukette.
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