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That's a great blazer, Phukette.
Ramirez, those are the best fitting Diesels I've seen on anyone. Period.
Hey guys. I'm still here, but I've been traveling a lot lately.   Also, I have literally only been wearing the Rogue Territory raw jeans I got last January. The more they break in, the more badass they become and the more I just love wearing them. I don't reach for anything else.   I picked up a second pair last month in Amsterdam, and these still have 90% of their life remaining!   But I still drop in a peek around from time to time. 
Just a different script:  http://www.visiblemantra.org/om.html
Haha, thanks zdenal.    denim addict, Om - the primordial sound of the Universe.
Everyone is looking great!   Love the peacoat, DA.   Congratulations Phukette, she's absolutely gorgeous.
Hope this isn't too graphic!   My first...  
Yeah I've got a Self Edge here too. I've yet to go there but I plan to go to them for any repairs, for sure. Too bad my Diesels take so much time away from wearing my raws.   Today--   Krooley 811P Diesel Sharpy Shirt Allen Edmonds Dalton Boots  
Levislad, great jacket!   Whole outfit looks superb.
Well, I first broke them in by cycling around Amsterdam for a week. And recently I took them scaling over rock faces in Sedona. They already showing some whiskering, honeycombs, and wear along the seams.   But otherwise, they don't see a lot of action unless I purposefully get them out and drag them around.
New Posts  All Forums: