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Hey guys. I'm still here, but I've been traveling a lot lately.   Also, I have literally only been wearing the Rogue Territory raw jeans I got last January. The more they break in, the more badass they become and the more I just love wearing them. I don't reach for anything else.   I picked up a second pair last month in Amsterdam, and these still have 90% of their life remaining!   But I still drop in a peek around from time to time. 
Just a different script:  http://www.visiblemantra.org/om.html
Haha, thanks zdenal.    denim addict, Om - the primordial sound of the Universe.
Everyone is looking great!   Love the peacoat, DA.   Congratulations Phukette, she's absolutely gorgeous.
Hope this isn't too graphic!   My first...  
Yeah I've got a Self Edge here too. I've yet to go there but I plan to go to them for any repairs, for sure. Too bad my Diesels take so much time away from wearing my raws.   Today--   Krooley 811P Diesel Sharpy Shirt Allen Edmonds Dalton Boots  
Levislad, great jacket!   Whole outfit looks superb.
Well, I first broke them in by cycling around Amsterdam for a week. And recently I took them scaling over rock faces in Sedona. They already showing some whiskering, honeycombs, and wear along the seams.   But otherwise, they don't see a lot of action unless I purposefully get them out and drag them around.
Gpoop, so far they're great. The denim is the thinnest of the raw jeans I've owned, but it's really solid. The construction looks and feels spot on too.   And even though they're all cotton, they have a bit of give and flex. They're very comfortable.   I'm impressed.
I got my first pair of Nudies. I saw these Average Joe Organic Dry Brown Selvage Jeans for a really low price.   I've been thinking for a while that it would be nice to have a more relaxed pair of raw denim. Hiking is not as fun in 14.5 oz skinny raws.   I took a guess on the size (had no choice as this was the only pair remaining) and I think I nailed it. :) They're very snug, but I can button them without a lot of drama.      
New Posts  All Forums: