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Received these today from ssense... Not sure if I really like them or not.   [img]http://cdnb.lystit.com/photos/2013/03/19/silent-by-damir-doma-silver-metallic-silver-crinkled-satur-hightop-sneakers-product-1-7397729-518961115_large_flex.jpeg[/img]   [img]http://cdnc.lystit.com/photos/2013/03/19/silent-by-damir-doma-silver-metallic-silver-crinkled-satur-hightop-sneakers-product-5-7397729-519531691_large_flex.jpeg[/img]
Thanks so much, found exactly what I was after "Mohair", sadly all sound out http://www.ssense.com/men/product/dsquared2/green_knitted_mohair_sweater/57348?utm_source=3852549&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=generic&utm_term=10569670  
I found this jumper which I just love but with I'm not able to find what the material is or what I should be searching for to find a similar one to buy online! Does anyone know type of jumper this is?   Green sweater on the right:  
  wow what shoes are these??
Hoping someone could help me... which is a tighter fit, Thavar Skinny Jeans or Thavar Slim Jeans?
Cool guys... I'll definitely get a smaller size. 31 is normally a good size for me, but if they are gonna stretch a fair bit, recon 30 would be the way to go?  
Hey lads, I really can't decide about the Thavar 886B. I had to size up buying from ASOS and they are quite loose around the waste, of course I can wear a belt though. Do you think I should size down though? Best prices for sizing down will cost an extra $50 abouts.  
Are the Shioner 801A true back or more of a blueish black?
Is that seriously them? They look sooo different.  
I love the way they look but spewin they won't ship to me in Australia.  
New Posts  All Forums: