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Hi everyone, are these the real deal, I appreciate any help you can give me, thanks so much Krissie            
Hi everyone, could anyone possibly tell me if this is an authentic George Gina & Lucy Bag please.  
Hi everyone, could you possibly tell me if this Luella bag is authentic, if so, does the fading depreciate the value? Thank you so much for your time
Thank you so very much for your help 
My appologies for the multiple posts.The screen kept telling me that the posts could not go through. So i tried again.
Awesome, thanks so much, you may get flooded with a few already that I tried to post, I will hold off posting the pictures again, until I hear back. I did post pictures in my albums that i needed help with authenticity about. 
Thank you so much, Is there a time line for me to post enquiries about the authenticity of clothing?
Hi everyone, I am hoping someone can help me authenticate these jeans, thank you so much for your time. Krissie    
Hi everyone, I run a non profit thrift store, these were donated, I am hoping that someone could authenticate them for me
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