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I got my second pair as well, this time on braddom, I sized up since w31 leg was freaking thigh for size 31. The light on your room makes them looks real awosome.
Thanks! Maybe Ill try them if I could. Its really stretchy jeans, but even 886z is stretch(well not like these of course!) Thats really suprised me, on the model its looks really thighs on calves. Its only me o 32 804h fits super thigh on the waist?
Phukette, from your experience, they fits exactly like 886z? Main reason I didnt like 886z is because they were pretty thight and snug compared to any 32 shioner I ever owned.
Can you add a full frontal and back pictures? Thanks!
The blue jeans looks really cool!
.8nj is quite similar but lighter.801c, 8mz and 8pi really reminds me 811p.
Thavar 807c 32x32 for sale New, never been worn. From S/S 2013. Regular shipping(probably 14 days) 7 euro Express shipping 25 euro. Pictures will be added in a couple if hours.
Phukette cool outfit, really smart! What are those boots?
I dont think thats thavar 811p, the button is not blue, theres no blue rivet, and the back pocket stiching is different then others B.E(805a and 888p for exmaple)... Oh and the blue leather application thing is not there.
801A Is the most beautiful wash of fw12, a special grey-blue color. 805a is wierd, sometimes I cant wait to wear it, sometimes not, anyway its still very special, goes very well with black. 801c color is awsome, Ive been looking for that medium blue tone for long time, but I think the tears and the dirt are really not classic, and its give me really bad turn off evry time I wears them.
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