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The iakop looks amazing!, hope it wont look like the flowery narrot. Its like a bluer verison of 801a...
On July the braddom 888p was 192 and extra 20% off= 153$. The day I wanted to buy it the sale has ended and it the price was 350$ again!!
Thavar 811p?
888p runs really short, my 888p actuall inseam is approxmiate 30.5", that means l34 will be probably 32.5". I had thavar 888p l34 and it didnt feel that long, at least for a 34".
74z is 100% but it felt like a stretch, i tried them once on my regular size, the waist felt larger then a regular shioner. You should wait for people whom actually tried them more than 2 miniutes but I think you should sized down.
Im almost 6.3 ft and I had 888p in thavar(L34) and now on braddom(L32). The braddom is much shorter, compared to other braddoms I tried and had. Since it runs short L34 wont be that long, I think stacking will look much better on these,  I really wanted my braddom to be l34.
Yes, I did it, my 887k is altered in the waist, the tailor did a great job, you cant say it was done, and it looks much better now.(Im normally size 31 but always sizing up to 32 on the skinny cuts, in this case I sized up to 33 so I had to get it done).
Whats your height? Besides 803W, 888p is the shortest jeans I ever had(803W is the same but since its less slimmer its feels much shorter)
I really like the blue coated jeans from f/w 2014, looks really cool!
Speaking of diesels sizing, What size should I take on jackets? On t-shirts Im medium, but their polos are freaking slim, even large is very fitted.
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