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I still need them. Thank you, it will be appreciated.
You always need to size down on braddom from you skinny size so it will looks good. 888p is no different.
He wanted to buy my darron so thats means he's w32 , and hes probably afraid tepphar would be too much skinny to him, since it's pretty skinny cut, at least skinnier than thavar(which is less skinnier than thanaz and shioner IMO) Size down on the 804k since its lyocell wash, DON'T take l34 if you find it in your size, it would be too long for you, Safado is a real low waist cut , so it feels longer, my 801c were l34 and the inseam was 36" which looked crazy even for 6.3"...
Can you post the some pictures of the grey one? I dont know if I should buy 811p or the Batuck Ikadua shoes?
The first pictures makes your legs looks really slim, the second one is much better. This wash is really cool, really special. How thick is the jeans? Thicker then 888p?
I'd be sizing up if the safado is quite slim on the thight an waist if I were you. If you usually between l30 to l32 get 32, it's pretty short to.
I usually hate these kind if belt but it looks fucking awesome!
Well, the stains are already gone, with the color to. its just lighter, still looks good, but not good as before, I think im already used to the color, its been almost a half year.   Why 2 pair? Those are new right? (I remember you sold your size 33 to Aahz)
Exellent outfit Phukette, 801a looks supreme with black, like it was meant for it. I dont think mine looks like this anymore, lets say butter is no good for your jeans.(and alot of detergents trying to get rid of it!)
If anyone ever come across with diesel kunha in grey in my size(well the biggest size, 46 eur\12uk\13 us) please let me know. Ive been tried to getting them for almost an year. I almost bought them back then, but have decided to wait to for couple of days for my salary. Lets say that was a big mistake since couple of days later they were sold out. Ive been hunting for them almost a year with now success, even the new listed kunha on yoox are only size 45 on my color.
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