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Im wondering if thats iakop 816h.
That's iakop looks super I'll get it for sure. That green pants is diesel as well right? Got any idea what is it?
I just grabbed shioner 600r from Amazon for 215$(original price is 268+20% off, the original is much cheaper than the european store!! Hopes it gets here by the end of next week! FYI viker 600r is existed and available there to!
Thanks! I'll probably order them in the next couple of days. 600r is 32 right?
Phukette your last outfits looks really good, especially the firetrap shirt and 887k combination. Its size the same size 33 from before? its looks less slimmer than it looks before. I still Dont know if I should get 600r or chi tight in grey charocal, Im more of a jeans person, but the 600r looks pretty thin, even thinner than other lyocell washes. What do you think? How is it compared to 801a in term of size and fit?
Looks lke krooley 801n.
Shioner 805a     Used, in great condition, no stains, never washed. F/W 2012 Blue Eycons collection. Very thick coarse jeans. Great pair of dark blue jeans.       Shipping:   Express-20 gbp   Registered with tracking- 8 gbp
G star black washes are the best, nudies have some good black washes to.
My april purchases:Krooley 811p and Thavar 888p(was bought from great forum member laisnata)This particular 811p colors are amazing! The only but are the dirt on the right thight, I think ill wash it to get rid of it( never like dirt on my  jeans!).Finally! after 2 pairs of yellow 888p I finally got a blue pair, took my almost an year to find it. It looks bluer than the picture. Levis Barstow Western Shirt and G-star cl core shirt. The denim shirt is really...
Thats the problem with 887k, its really thigh all over and the waist is really big. I sized up and took it to the tailor to narrow the waist part. I think you sizing down will kill your calves :/. So far almost a year later, its my favorite jeans!
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