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I got these on the sales and have no idea what to pair them with, so far brown shoes looks ridiculous to me. http://store.diesel.com/us/55dsl/pants_cod36391189oe.html Got white sonora denim shirt as well, pictures will be uploaded soon.
Great review! ill sure be getting 603b. The leg opening looks really wider compared to other shioners you have, no?
Looks like safado 801x
Guys, hoes the fit of the denim Sonora shirts? Should I take my slim fit size which I usually wear(L) or size down to medium? Unlike regular buttons up shirt, I like my debun shirts really fitted, too bulky and and big reminds me my father.
Not neceserally, 801a, 805a, 74y/z 880w are all 100% cotton, and theres of course more! the elastane is more about the wass than the cuts(though tepphar is different!)
Ts my favorite detail on the cut!
Baisiclly they all the same. imo thats what I feel about them, thavar has higher rise, the thights are thigher than the other 2 cuts, bigger waist than the size on the label. Shioner is lower(like thanaz), the thights are less slimmer than thavar, but the calves area are much slimmer than thavar. Thanaz feels like shioner, the only "problem" is the waist, which fits big on the waist(even than thavar). What its means that your ass is gonna sag a bit. I dont really...
Thats not only thavar and thanaz, all the cuts on diesel are unproportional on waist-leg dimenstions. Before diesel, on evrey denim compnaies I wore, I was size 32 and evreything was proportional. lol, I used belts as an accessory. On diesel its quite funny, my sizes range are between 30 to 32(30-the straight cuts, 31- slim/carrot/tappered cuts and obviously 32 for the skniny cuts). You'e just gonna love diesel for it, or not!!
My 2 cents about 888p, After 3 pairs, imo dont size up, I had sized up thavar and sized up braddom, and thier waist was really big. It looked bad and funny, even with a belt. My regullar sized thavar felt really thigh at the begining, but it got stretchd after 5-6 wears(as Phukette said). Its still fits thight, but looks good.
New Posts  All Forums: