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Yes. They're one of the sponsors of the sites.
http://www.yoox.com/at/42266214LA/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=42266214LA&sizeId= What wash is that thanaz?
6.2 and 175 pound.
Nice fit of the thavar 8b9. Is that the real color? My safado 8b9 should arrive here next week and on the photos they look much darker and less shiny blue like here. Anyway, I'll be more Than happy if they will look like that!
Does shioner 74z run tts compared to other shioner washes? I remember almost buying it in size 32 and it fitted me quite well. (I chose thavar 8880m at the end) Other skinny cuts I have are thavar 888p size 33 which runs small and thanaz 887k which is even skinnier and thavar 8880m in size 32. Size 33 74z was very saggy, even with belt. How shioner 801a? runs tts? runs small?
They run small or should I size down since they thin?
Wow shioner 804h really suprised me. They looked really good. They look like they run pretty small for their size. How the material? thick and stiff or thin? Dammit another jeans in my list!
The larkee fits you very good. The only reason I dont wear them (or viker) anymore is because the big leg opening. Im wearing only boots(from all kind) and its look very wierd with them. Thats why safado was created for!
Darron would be. Krooley is carrot fit and saggy.
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