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Its shioner, look at those slashed stitches in the front pockets and the 2 belt loops from behind. NM,shioner 881H
How size 32 darron fits you? If not too thigh so the size 32 skinny cuts will fits you fine. You should upload a picture of you in darron. Im wearing size 32 on the skinny cuts, on braddom darron and safado 31 and on larkee 30. For shioner 74z, it kinda runs big( not to big!) so I belive 32 will be fine. As for thavar 888p, it runs small so you should size up anyway! (It runs a bit shorter than other inseam 32 so if you are tall you should get 34, the 3d effect...
Thats might look odd, but anyone know thavar 888p retail price in uk? US is 350$, 249.99 euros in  europe. what about the uk? Ill tell you the full funny story when it all be over :X
What jeans are you looking for?
Yes, iron grey is the lighter one and olive grey is the dark one. You can find it on ssense.
Shioner is much more proportionate in the waist.
Depends. Baisicly shioner-thavar-thanaz are all the same. Thanaz leg opening is a little bit bigger than thavar and shioner. The leg is almost the same.(the knee area of thanaz and shioner is a bit tigher than the thavar, but thats just me) Darron leg is slimmer than safado, since its slim and not slim-straight, but safado thight area is tigher. From leg talking you'r right.
Finally, shioner 801a. Size 32 fits perfect. No wierd legs like thavar, no saggy ass like thanaz(at least for me). IMO The most perfect cut diesel have.
From what people said here the 801d stretch pretty much alot. Isnt that the opposite? the one who stretches is 8x2 while the 888p stays almost the same?
Remind me again whats that wash is? 802j?
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