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Cool boots, these are my next purchase, Im after the suede one.Hows the fit compared to other diesel boots you have?
I really likes your enthusiasm, but I think he meant how the price can be justified when other made in Italy jeans costs 210-250 euros but this one is 340...
I have 33" legs. Its depends what wash is it, some washes runs longer and some shorter. 801a runs pretty long(labeled 32" but measured 33.5"). On the other side theres 888p which is measured 30.5(when labeled 32). Its usually runs TTS,32" feels fine for me, but sometimes I feels like I need that extra inch, and sometimes 34" is harded to get. Stick with 34" and you'll be fine.
For what it worths, the 816H (a medium tone of the same wash) was pretty much thigh and sung. I wore that time size 31 to 32 on Iakop and I couldnt even button  the couple of first buttons on size 31. 32 felt much better (but still snug compared to other 32 I had before, at the end I took size 33 for the futures sake of not selling the jeans after couple of months, damn, My thights really have grown since start squatting!)
Iv'e tried to get iakop 883e for ages!(before it became available on yoox). Instead of it I got 887k (year and a half ago). I think I made a better choice, though I really want to grab it right now but im really waiting for 824Y!
824y is practically a couple of shades darker than 816h. The white brushes are the same.
 Thats more like a grey-black verison of 816H.I'll get it for sure! and thats after buying 801a again and 816H.
Phukette, Thats the cannon chinos your wearing on page 1032? http://www.us.allsaints.com/men/pants/allsaints-mio-cannon-chino/
I think you shouldnt go to your work wearing 816k, bonus is the last thing you'll get! 816h is really cool, get it if your looking for a special semi classic blue wash, if you do, be sure to size up!
My latest August purchases: - Diesel Admiral polo shirt, the chambray and the grey is such a great combination, I'll probably grab the white and black to. - Iakop 816h, great jeans, such a special color.(runs 1 size smaller, sizing up is required) -classic navy chi regs, took my darron/iakop size. - Finally, kunha in my size, after a year of hunting I finally got it, and on such a great price(100$). The best shoe I ever owned, the dark grey and the blue sole combination is...
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