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Yes, that's funny, you can find them on yoox on outlet price and the re realesed on full price... Diesel... Go figure....
The castlerock(grey blue). In size us13 :/
LOL Still not the right color Kunha!!
Diesel re released chrom and chrom hi again... for full price, thats quite funny since you could get them really cheap. New wingtiped oxford/boots in the color of kunha(which Ive been looking for months but havent found any of my size:( ) Might be a good replacment! http://store.diesel.com/gb/dress-shoe_cod44491907ex.html http://store.diesel.com/gb/dress-shoe_cod44485880am.html
lol... Iv'e seen actors wearing diesel in some movies, they all wore larkee and krooley. (Couple of weeks ago I watched "My Wedding Date", I think that was Debra Messing ex husbund :P)
Thats funny, Darron rise is actually mid. depends what size you take. Im sizing down from my skinny size to get better fit in the waist and the behind.
I never liked the color of the jeans which are modeled on Cultizm,(no matter how great site it is the colors look unnatural(887k looks almost black!) So far I only got 807c from this season, nothing really amazes me(like ss/fw 12). I think I have enough dark blue jeans, if I'll buy dark blue jeans its probably  be 811k, but I wanna get 880w, so its one of them.I still have to make my mind. The light washes looks wierd, nothing really has caught my eye. Medium light...
@Phukette- Did you size up on 888p? Have you got the blue or yellow pair? Are you selling 805a and 801 from the same reasons of 804h?
Nice!! Is 600r is why you'r selling you 804h?
Top to bottom: shioner 805a, iakop 888s and safado 801c. Safado leg opening is clearly wider.
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