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I'd try it before, I'm usually size large on diesel jackets and somtimes medium on the leathers, once I got g star size large I couldn't even button it up.
Diesel slim fit tees and shirt (polos as well) runs tts, the regular fit ones run one full size larger (without the slim fit tag below the size tag) so you should size down.Sweaters doesn't have slim fit tag inside but they're slim.Never trust asos since there labeling evrey diesel topwear as regular fit.
Too much is really an understatment. http://www.amazon.com/Diesel-Thavar-Skinny-Denim-33x32/dp/B00FZKGCLG/ref=sr_1_2?m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1387650493&sr=1-2
Ive seen today shioner 824y, its really dirty and 816h looks much more better. 821t is actually suprised me, it reminds me 805a without the greenish color and one shade less darker. The photos dont do justice with the wash. http://store.diesel.com/nl/slim-skinny_cod42320354fa.html   So far only the "regular" washes got me, and depends on how the blue-green 824q will look, 824e and 821t will be the only washes ill get from ss14.
The jeans in my opinion runs a bit small, compared to my same size iakop. 816h it's slimmer, though it really comfortable since its stretch, IAnd the waist runs small. On second thought, take your skinny size, it's still less slimmer than my same size 801a.
Ive wasted so much money in the last 2weeks, I'll be sure to upload some of the purcheses, cause some of them are really special. One of them is belther 824e, the best fitting jeans I ever had. The fitting is between iakop-darron and thavar-shioner!
Great purchases! Especially Kunha, it's my favorite shoe.From where did you get yours, it took me an ages to find a pair in my size and I want to get another pair for just in case..
Yes, only on Iakop and Braddom.
Its same wash with lighter tone, imo better than 824y. I own them since july and Its one of my favorite pairs ever, im pretty much conservative when it comes to the jeans, but this one is different, its just looks speical to me.
Great pair, I have the lighter tone, 816h, and I sized up on them to, though they really stretched, Sizing is depends how thigh is your style.
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