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You didnt say any color.   If you'e looking for beige one,  G star beige ranch jacket is really awosome! Though its really  overpriced, I got it got for 38 GBP.
811p waist is pretty big, so as 880w. 32 would be fine.
Ok so I dont see any problem, if you had size 9us before you should size down to 8.5, unless you think you need smaller(size 8)Amazon sizes are accurate, their size chart is pretty much general but the size you order is the size you get.
If you had size uk9, so that's mean it's us10. For half size down you should choose us9.5, for full size down 9. That's depends how big they were before.
[S[/S]@You should check out the sizing a bit more,For some reason they changed the sizing when the new site came up.My twistar thor(the one you'll probably buy from amazon)And the the pit boots are labeld size 13/47 on the box, my kunha and Jacob are labeled 12.5/46 on the box.On the size chart 13=46, 12.5=45.5
Keep them, the fit is very nice.From my experience with iakop 816h the waist will stretch a lot.
http://shop.diesel.com/sofier/00S8JU0604Q.html?dwvar_00S8JU0604Q_color=01#q=SOFIER&prefn1=ageRangeCode&prefv1=ADULT&prefn2=genderCode&prefv2=M&start=1 The shirt looks great, actually plain black, unlike the the pictures. I didnt buy it(saw it in the store), its overpriced!!! 360$ for a thin inside overdyed blue-black shirt, its MII so thats why they have priced it that way. Too much for me. Felt really thin, and doesnt justify its price. At the end I got the black-blue...
The only one on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/390703251872?redirect=mobile 130 GBP shipped.
lolI couldnt wait for your post, and already order the Tyrell boots, hope it will fit well!
20% off evreything on all saints, sale items included. I wanna order a boot from there but I dont know how sizing is. On diesel, the jacob boot was really narrow, I could barley put my foot inside, I had to take it to a shoe maker in order Id be able to wear them, on the other side, same size kunha fitted perfectly! my size is uk12/46 so no sizing up available for me(at least on all saints)
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