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Hello,   Looking for thavar 888p in size W29/30 L30-32   Msg me in priv or mail.
True, True! :)
I just get this today. http://www.aukcjoner.pl/gallery/010441740-.html#I1
thanks i just bought 0803w :)
what will be more skinny and fit ? i have thanaz 72c and its v.good only can buy: -Krooley 0801N F/W2012 -Darron 0803W Blue Eyecons F/W2012 greetings
Hey guys i need some advice, What Diesel jeans will be the best? - Thavar 008x2 s/s2010 - Krooley 0801N F/W2012 - Darron 0803W Blue Eyecons F/W2012
Hello,   Do you have still thavar 8x2 ? Will u send it to Poland? What will be price with shipping ? email: hlamich@gmail.com greetings, Michal
Hello,   I'm looking for Diesel jeans thavar 8x2 in size W30   Please msg me here or mail.   mail: hlamich@gmail.com
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