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anyone actually purchased from this online retailer? are their stuff authentic? thanks
how do these jeans run? true to size or on the larger size? thanks
kiedes is the hottest RR cut
fendi spy in honey, gold/silver, and rare spy in green chanel bubble quilt flap in dark green burberry tote dior romantique flap lv ribera mini and mini lin wallet in dune
u have to zoom in on the back pockets to see what im talking about
the pocket has the mirror RR tag sewn to it instead of the RR logo like i see in other retailer websites Rock & Republic Floyd Sedated Jeans - Men's - Neiman Marcus Rock & Republic 'Floyd' Low Rise Relaxed Bootcut Jeans - View All Jeans - Nordstrom.com do u guys agree theyre irregulars? i wanna go back to saks and exchange for something else. i dont feel comfortable paying retail for irregular jeans.
does anyone know if they run small or large? Rock & Republic Floyd Sedated Jeans*-* Men's*-* Neiman Marcus
heres my collection. some of them are not high end designer jeans. TR emilys, frankie b new retro, AX straight leg, dkny, SFAM roxy SFAM lily bangkok, nakita, grey havana, bkk, black crystal patch RR quaalude berlin slayer, alpha keides, pb crystal roth, lead varga, uranium roth
Coach loafers. u can find them on the coach website or on ebay.
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