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Thanks for the location tips - if anyone has been to them recently, are the stocks relatively the same? Just trying to figure out which ones to go to since my time is pretty tight. Thanks
I'm in NY for vacation (and just in time for the R&R blitz at C21!). This place is great - I'm a die-hard Winners scavenger, but I didn't have to rummage at all at C21 as everything is grouped by designer, which is terrible since it makes shopping much more productive I just went to the Manhattan location, which had one rack of Crowns, mostly Madrids in baby-blue (Mrdcwnw) in 25-26 and 28-31. There was another rack of irregulars of some older styles (Skynard, Roth Dark...
Just did a quick run at Holts on Bloor and they have gold crown crops for $169 (sizes 27+). Not a bad price considering they originally had them for a ridiculous $300+! Clearance rack had mostly sizes 28+ of other styles (Roth pink Rs [Xanex?], some other crops...)
Thanks! Just wanted to make sure before I put em up on HM...
Want to authenticate before I put em up for sale - got them from eBay (hemmed with original), but they don't fit correctly. These are Jennifer Big Ts in Med Clearwater. Thanks!
Hello! If I wear a 26 in Kerosene Motelys and 26 in Roth Dark Punk, what should I get for Roth Vicodins? I searched the boards and found that they run big, and since most R&R run big (?), should I just stick with the 26? Thanks!
Just got a pair of Jennifers and hemmed them to 29" and the flare is still intact! Ended up with tapered jeans when I tried to hem Bobbys to the same inseam.
Thanks for the responses...here's hoping that my thunder thighs will be able to squeeze in
I just won a pair of these in a size 26 (impulse buy!) without doing much research. The description says that it fits similar to Bobby, except for the extra flared leg. Are these claims true/half-true/hearsay? Any help is much appreciated! Thanks.
Asked the seller for measurements- she's posted them for the Sz 16 yellow skynards: "Here are the measurements for these jeans. w- 28 i- 28 rise- 8 leg opening 16.5 " Hope that helps!
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