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Don't know if they ever made jeans for Barney's but these look real in my opinion. My personally experience (so don't take it as law), is that counterfeiters just copy an existing style and would never think to put something like "Exclusively at Barney's" on a pair of jeans. When I see something random like Orange pockets in Diesels, it increases the chances they are real in my mind. 
I am no expert but they look like the one's I've seen in the store, I would suggest going to the authentic forum and asking there, there are a few people that know CofH there. 
Not 7FAM, it's almost imposable to tell what they are, I can't really see what the orange thing on his back pocket are. 
Those look best on me too, 7FAM boot cut works for me too, and so do a'Pocket Boot Cuts.   Citizens of Humanity are made by the same designer as 7FAM and fit exactly the same, so that is one brand you will like.    True Religions work for me—Logan and Billy.   Diesel Zantiny and Viker.   I can't do AGs or Joes or William Rast too well, and I don't have any Paige Jeans or J-Brand. 
Pretty hard to say without seeing the back pockets, but the wash looks like 7FAM to me, on the blue pair. But that is just an educated guess. I'm pretty sure they are not True Religion, William Rast, R&R and Diesel. They don't look like Joe's either. 
I have 3 pairs. I like em, but I don't like the ones with real thick bright white stitching and counterfeiters seem to like to make TRs more than any other jeans, so if you don't get them at a well known store you have to know what you are doing. I Diesel, 7FAM and TR the best personally. 
Those are Mek Jeans, made in China and I personally don't like them much. Not sure of a Diesel was that is similar though. 
Some pretty cool stuff there. I need to swing by the Diesel store next time I am near one. 
I got 2 pairs at a thrift store pretty sure the Zafs are real, But not so sure on the Zathans.   Zathans:     Zafs    
Thank you. 
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