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Not only are those terribly ugly, the stripes aren't even finished at the top, they just end.
aw. I missed seeing the long cat.
So I'm looking at buying an item on Ebay. Seller has a stock photo of the item. But the seller is a power seller with a 99.3% rating since Oct 2005. The sellers name is outdoorpursuitsusa. All of the negs and neutrals are for items that took too long to ship, and those appear to be from overseas buyers. The items is priced higher than in a retail store (I can't find an authorized american retailer that will ship them to me by USPS instead of Fedex, UPS, or...
hummm. SURE .. ..... Anyone know of a site that will ship to Canada without ripping me off at the boarder?
aww! Congrats!!!
I like them a lot.
I think they might actually run small. At least the ones I tried on did.
sorry I was away for the weekend. I'm trish, fiance is Dustin. Date: Aug 29th. Fun facts....we met at DQ when we were both working there. The nicknames would be hard, most of them were from high school and I'm sure the girls would like them left behind! I'll try and think of more though. I need more responses people!!!
We wanted to make some t-shirts or even boxers/undies for our wedding party with something funny or witty written on them. Problem? I am so lame when it comes to these kind of things. Lame like a gov't employee safe joke. Any ideas? The wedding is coming up in less than 40 days now
Identification/classification questions - Are you male or female? fem - How old are you? 22 - What nationality are you? Canadian - What is your household income? (you may skip this question if you wish) - How would you describe your fashion style? causual Brand - Why did you buy this particular brand? denim quality, style - How many pairs of Sevens do you have? 7 - What image/ adjectives / personality traits would you associate with the brand? classic - How much do you...
New Posts  All Forums: