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It took me ages but I got my two favourite pairs of jeans in one shot: Thavar 886b and Thavar 888p! I don't know if it's the same in all european country but in Italy, today, the "pre-sales" has started, 30% off on almost all the S/S collection
From the italian site:
Yep, thanaz 660q looks good
Well, on the Italian site, today, appeared one model from the previous collection with cut price, Thavar 73n, 30 % off; so, I guess, it won't take so long to see other models discounted...stay tuned
Amazing jeans, I'm just waiting the right moment to grab a special offer...Thavar 886b and Thavar 888p are my favourite ones
Yep, Thanaz and Thavar let me down...nothing compared to Spring/Summer washes (I mean 886b, 888p, 880m)
I'm looking forward to seeing brand new Thavar and Thanaz
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