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Those leaden sky jeans look great!   The red-stich raws are in the states now.  I think they're cool:    
Looks authentic to me but that's got to be the first coat I've seen without the slash marks near the back shoulders.
Boli -- I got those at the SF boutique.  I think they're sold out of the 17.5 raws now, but apparently all the boutiques are getting in new shipments.  Raw is definitely less expensive than the washes...about half as much!  Unfortunately, my toddler had a little...accident on my raws so I have to give them an early wash.  
Here are some pics of my fresh pair of raws (17.5cm, MIJ).  I sized down to 27 from my regular size of 28 in Dior washes.  Pics are more focused on shoes, but you'll get the idea of stacking.  These are about 3 weeks old with no washes.                      
I got "raw" noir from SLP in the 16cm cut.  They have about 2% stretch in them, so not a problem to wear.  Made in Japan, cut is awesome.  I really like the tag, too.   One thing I do not like...the zipper.  Button flies are so much better.
Really like the S/S collection but you have to see it in the boutiques. Very little on LV except some of the sneakers are cool
not retail, but check out styleforum.net in their buying & selling section under streetwear and denim.  there's usually some dior for sale there.
I saw the new collection, and only the brown overdyed really caught my eye (look much better in person).  The $900+ price tag was too high for them, IMO.
How are those jeans better?  They look like the exact cut as Dior Homme raw denim (17.5 cm), also MIJ, except the SLPs don't have the slash detail on the pocket (which I'd miss).
I like the blue sweater with red stripes and those moccasins, but the jeans, meh.
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