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i have never posted in this section...i'e never gotten into bags until just recently and still have yet to own one..so pleaseplease can anyone tell me if these are authentic? thanks!! minkoff waiting on more pics balenciaga chloe
they are cute! and hem them if you are going to use the m more..i get all my jeans hemmed with originals...and love them =)
kelly the front looks cute! but the back pockets are a little big..but if they are just comfy jeans you could keep =)
i saw the new trs at revolve and was wondering, are the new styles of joey and bobby's that are stretch all going to be the 98% cotton 2% stretch from now on? i love that..like their old blends were that way and were super soft.. also, i noticed all the rises are now 7.5" which is pretty high from their originals..which kind of bums me out but i was wondering if anyone knows if they are all going to be this way from now on..? thanks!!
don't cut! haha
SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!
omg! crazy!! 160 for a toaster! HAHAHA
anyone know if tr is making the rise slightly higher or maybe just certain washes? all my joeys i've owned were 6.5 maybe 7. but barely..and i got my med drifter stretch and it was a 7..but it felt awfully higher than other joey's i've owned.....or something about the front seemed made differently like slightly higher in front everywhere.. i'm debating on exchanging them for a different wash with a lower rise..but they don't really have many in my size..i really like the...
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