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haha - okay another ''difference'' post from me!    I'm selling most of my old wardrobe and slowly acquiring new things. Jbrand have always fit me the best (see ya Diesel, your cuts and washes just changed TOO much) so I'm a Jbrand only girl now!!   So what's the difference between Shadow and Jett wash? They look the same in pics to me. I love my Jetts because they are so deep and rich looking. And no weird contrast stitching!!
I think you are right! They do fit a little different, a little lower (unfortunately for my prudish self) but (fortunately) the denim is amazing - doesn't stretch out horrifically like my "the deal" pencil jeans so I guess its a trade off!
All my previous Pencil leg J Brands are a 912 (and I've got a lot) but I just purchased another pair in Jett second hand and the tag says Pencil 942. Anyone know what the difference is?
These are new with tag still attached. 31.5" inseam. Style number 9612. "The Deal" Pencil leg which is described as ''12" leg opening and 10" zipper at the ankle." Really lovely jeans. I believe they fit true to size. I have a pair in 25 and picked these up when I lost some weight but gained it back before I had a chance to wear them (good I guess!!) I believe they fit pretty true to size.    Please let me know if you have any questions. I'm happy to send actual...
man, the irony of all this is that i found this forum about two days after i won an ebay auction to what now totally seem to me like counterfeit jeans. i am relatively active on ebay as a buyer, and i'm usually pretty aware of the usual tricks and half truths, and to avoid pretty much anything marc jacobs (haha...the fakest of the fake usually) and sellers who use stock photos, but i still usually buy old vintage clothes and books that nobody would bother to...
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