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I'm loving it! Great as usual!
For those Iakop 75M is better to be limited as much as possible because they're so f...g ugly!
@Zdenal - nice outfit! @Dieselolic - like your Shioner! @Leftvapor - great, great, great!!
@Zdenal - can't see anything, the lighting is very weak :-(
Leftvapor, thank you. Getting a compliment from you really means a lot! Great outfit as usually, love the fit of 888P!!
Aramis - you're the king of this thread, thank you man - you saved lot of time for all of us ;-)
Aramis, 5+! Great wash btw!
Wow, I kinda like this one! Which season are these??
Thanaz 74K       Thavar 888P  
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