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@baltimore - those Tepphar looks great on you! @gpoop - love the wash! @Karacho - for me, one of the top 3 stylish persons on this blog, great as always! @Denim Addict - excellent, those 8x2 are great and you make them even better!
@Dsalvatore - excellent fit, love 8pn! @Nickma - not a fan of 801A but on you they seem like a perfect pair to me. Just saw the other day a pair for myself in one outlet store but I did not like them. I could regret now :-( @Sanibeldude - they fit you perfect, love the 888P!
@Dieselolic - thank you very much, those 816K are made for you!   Leftvapor - perfect, especially like second outfit - I have the same jacket, and it's actually Jhima fur I think, not Juzicon ;-) But, nevermind - I like that jacket so much!
Thank you all guys for nice comments, you're all very kind! Advice for everyone who wants to buy 74K - don't size up/down. Also, I don't get that sizing up/down - all my Diesel's (beside Krooley, they are size down) are same size, some are maybe tighter at first but they stretch after some time. So, just buy your regular size, at least that's what I do every time, and you won't regret
Me - Thanaz 74K     my flatmate - Thavar 8x2  
@dieseljeans12 - jacket is Diesel, model Lermo @Leftvapor - exceIllent, Shioner fits you great! @Karacho - I always like your style @Dieselolic - seems great, but I'd like to see it also without filters :-)
@Ramirez - thanks to you they fit me as you think ;-) @Gpoop - thank you, jacket is Diesel, model Lermo. You can find it on ebay I think. Highly recommend!
@Dieselolic - thanks man! Now you see how I (and many other members) feel every time you post a pic :-D :-D You wear everything just perfect!
Shioner 74Y    
@Leftvapor - jacket reminds of Vicky Pollard style :-) The jeans (and the fit) are awesome!
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