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Wow, I kinda like this one! Which season are these??
Thanaz 74K       Thavar 888P  
I agree, they should be a blue eyecon, by quality and by how they look. Everytime I wear them everyone asks me where did I bought them, they are just timeless. I simply adore them, they're even better in person. Maybe even my most favorite Diesel jeans ever.   Just one advice for everyone - don't size them up, I bought my regular size and they fit perfect.
Haven't posted in ages...   Thavar 888P (with and without suspenders)     Shioner 74Y     Safado 880I  
I know many of you hate these, but I think they're perfect for summer with white T or shirt and some basic sneakers. Also, they're much better in person (in pictures this stripes looks very odd, it looks better when you click on the pic)!   Thanaz 888I    
@ Karacho - thanks man. I like how perfect 804K fits on you!   @ Ramirez - I can only thank you again and again... ;-)
Thanks Phukette - jacket is Diesel, Lermo model, I think it's FW 2011. I bought it in local store here in Croatia approximately two years ago. Yeah, it's the best one :-) Thanks for compliments!
Thanaz 74K (thanks Ramirez!)    
Bravo Ramirez!   Lindy, you can find it only on ebay or maybe here or some Diesel outlet - namely, that cut is not available in regular stores anymore :-(
Cut is probably Poiak, and wash could be 8SV, 8N4 or 8PI maybe...
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