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@Ramirez - thanks to you they fit me as you think ;-) @Gpoop - thank you, jacket is Diesel, model Lermo. You can find it on ebay I think. Highly recommend!
@Dieselolic - thanks man! Now you see how I (and many other members) feel every time you post a pic :-D :-D You wear everything just perfect!
Shioner 74Y    
@Leftvapor - jacket reminds of Vicky Pollard style :-) The jeans (and the fit) are awesome!
@Denim addict - I'm really impressed, great fit and nice shirt! @Ramirez - awesome as usual, like the whole outfit!
@Laisnata - perfect, there's nothing else to say! @Denim addict - you rock in those Shioner's! Like the whole outfit!
I'm loving it! Great as usual!
For those Iakop 75M is better to be limited as much as possible because they're so f...g ugly!
@Zdenal - nice outfit! @Dieselolic - like your Shioner! @Leftvapor - great, great, great!!
@Zdenal - can't see anything, the lighting is very weak :-(
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